Content Management

How is the quality of content on your website?

Let’s help you deliver well-researched contents that would resonate with your audience

Every content on your page should conform to your brand’s identity and we are here to make it happen. Just be rest assured that your marketing targets will be achieved.

IykMedia creates web content with thorough and careful

research while using the basic principles of content creation,

Your site should meet the standard your brand aims to project; otherwise, the site is already a liability.

We deliver compelling content to meet your target audience at various stages of their buyer’s journey.

 Search Engine is also considered in delivering the content to ensure good Page Rank.  

Our team provides high-quality service for clients according to specifications, ranging from high sales copy for corporate and e-commerce outfits to academic works.

Content management

Our Academic Research Services

We undertake Custom editing and proofreading solutions for research documents in all subject areas
Dissertation/thesis/research paper writing assistance from scratch
Statistical help through the use of advanced analytical tools like SAS, SPSS, R and Excel
Our team of academic editors, research analysts and consultants are constantly working to meet deadlines and alight the work to conform with the researcher’s objectives.  

More so, you will be constantly briefed on the progress of your work while we work in agreement with the writing style or template approved by the academic institution of a student or a chosen publication

Our team makes detailed reviews of research papers to remove every error in language use, grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing style, sentence structure, facts, format consistency, and more to produce a plagiarism-free paper.

We undertake comprehensive research support to candidates from across the world

Lectures and Paper Presentation

Our competent team provides you with tailor-made scripts for your lectures and paper presentations. 

We achieve this by making painstaking research on the topics of your choice. We also ensure your ideas are expressed with the most profound and current academic citations to resonate with your audience. 

Our research focuses on topics in Social Sciences, World Politics, Current Trends, Entrepreneurial activities, Personal growth, Finance and more.

This is further encouraged with a vibrant PowerPoint Presentation for better understanding and assimilation.

Bearing that graphics and video send a clearer picture to the mind than any other form of instruction, our PowerPoint presentations are top-notch with videos, graphs and pictures embedded in the appropriate areas. 

Other Contents we undertake include

  • Infographics
  • Press Releases
  • Blog management
  • Articles
  • Transcription and Ghostwriting

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