How is your business currently operating if you are not yet online?

How is your business currently operating if you are not yet online?

July 20, 2020 eCommerce 0
Covid-19 and your business

No time in history has there been such urgency to move commercial activities online than now.

The emergence of the novel Corona virus pandemic has seriously altered the way we live in the world.

Social Distancing caused by Covid-19

 Its impact has disrupted behaviours, customs, and the way we do business. According to a publication by PwC, businesses should consider accelerating digital transformations and equipping their workforce with digital skills in order to face challenges of the future.

Covid 19 has become the new normal and it doesn’t seem to be going away soon, therefore businesses need new strategies to navigate through present realities.  

The thought of going outside the home is discouraging

Have you checked what your potential clients are going through?

People commute in fear of the virus

Consumers have changed expectations as a result of reality and so you should change too.

 I draw an instance from my environment. The thought of going outside my home is discouraging; it feels like going to an epidemic zone “going into the world”, you’ll need a nose mask and pocket hand sanitizer before every movement; then you remain conscious of where your hands touch throughout the movement. Not forgetting to wash hand at any opportunity.

Information about Covid-19

Most people get apprehensive of commuting to their destination and troubled by how sanitized the environment of the next business meeting is. This thought hangs in their subconscious throughout the day.

Workplaces have therefore adopted technology to take care of fears created by the recent development, and gradually the global community is edging towards adaptive technologies that bridge the gap through video conferencing, social media and e-commerce.  

When your customer’s priority is to keep safe, then your business strategy must change.

Accenture posits that the situation is an opportunity for businesses to create stronger capability in e-commerce and security.

What are your thoughts in a post-Covid-19 business environment; we all know the situation is quite unpredictable for now, but your best bet is to take your business online

Getting online would give your prospects the opportunity to transact business without fear of breaking the social distance rule or contracting the virus.  

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