5 winning trends in digital marketing for 2022

5 winning trends in digital marketing for 2022

February 3, 2022 Online Business 0

It’s 2022 and the digital marketing space, as usual, is taking up a new trajectory.

Going by activities of the past 2 years, 5 trends are certainly taking over the digital marketing space this year and beyond.  You need to focus your energy on these 5 trends if you need to effectively deliver your online business goals.  

If you are thinking of repositioning your online presence this year, follow these 5 digital marketing trends.

Number one on my list is video.

Video Marketing has been rated one of the topmost effective digital marketing trends of 2021 and the likelihood of moving higher in 2022 is very obvious considering the fast adoption of faster internet in several places particularly the 5G network. Short videos of a few seconds are getting the top attention of the audience in the digital space. With the statistics available, Tiktok clinched the number 3 position worldwide behind Facebook and Instagram. And went ahead to dethrone google in domain ranking. There are projections to have around 755.0 monthly TikTok users by 2022.

Our number 2 is Voice Search. With the prominence of fashion style-earpiece and voice-enabled assistance, the drive to do more Voice Searches has increased as more people find it convenient to use voice in searches online. According to Review24, one billion searches are made by voice every month. There is the likelihood of the numbers increasing in the coming days as more gadgets that encourage voice-enabled assistance are introduced into the gadget market.

3. WhatsApp marketing:

WhatsApp Marketing is now the in-thing among young entrepreneurs and big companies alike. The switch to WhatsApp Business and the active use of WhatsApp Status has revolutionized the digital marketing space. This is a result of the app’s large coverage over multi-platforms and operating systems as well as its usefulness for multi-content messaging.   Some statistics from backlinko shows that WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide and is ranked as the most used mobile messenger app in the world. This is in addition to the more than 100 billion messages sent each day on WhatsApp.

4. Mobile-friendly sites and content.

In this new age, everyone is on the move. This implies that more content is checked on mobile phones and tabs while on the go. Therefore, whatever content you are creating, you must endeavour to make it mobile-friendly. Having your site optimised for mobile is a very strategic move in digital marketing as studies by CNBC shows that more than half of the world will be using just their smartphones to access the web by 2025.

5. Artificial intelligence

Digital marketers are leveraging artificial intelligence to understand customer behaviour and make informed decisions on campaigns, in order to effectively achieve their goals. This is achieved through individualized data processing enabled by AI to determine customers’ interests amongst others. It is also prominent in ad copy and video. Artificial Intelligence has made it easy for marketers to effortlessly predict customer behaviour thereby reducing the stress of decision making on content and ads provided.

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